USPS Expands Informed Delivery Digital Service

“Informed Delivery” is a digital service that allows enrolled users to receive an email notification that contains grayscale images of the outside of their letter-sized mailpieces processed by USPS automation equipment prior to delivery. This service is offered at no cost to the consumer.

“Informed Delivery” is currently available in areas of New York, Connecticut, and Northern Virginia.

Informed Delivery Example

According to USPS:

Informed Delivery is making mail a more valuable and effective communication channel for consumers, increasing the relevancy of physical mail in today’s highly digital environment. Informed Delivery  offers residential customers the convenience of knowing what is in their mailbox from anywhere, even while traveling. Providing advance notice of mail delivery also allows consumers to take action before important pieces reach their mailbox, revolutionizing the customer experience with mail. In some cases, email notifications with mailpiece images will include interactive content, such as “ride-along” images or related links from the business mailer. Lastly, users will have access to an online dashboard, which will display their mailpiece images from the previous six days.

Currently, there are over 75,000 Informed Delivery users in areas of Northern Virginia, New York, and Connecticut. According to USPS data, 90 percent of users surveyed in Northern Virginia have said they would recommend Informed Delivery to friends or family, and 97 percent of those surveyed in New York would likely continue using the service. In light of the positive feedback that the Postal Service has received from Informed Delivery users, the Postal Service intends to expand the Informed Delivery notification service to the Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Richmond metropolitan areas in September 2016, with national expansion planned for 2017. To achieve this goal, the Postal Service has developed a comprehensive user acquisition strategy that includes a direct mail referral campaign, email campaigns sent to My USPS and users, and promotion at retail locations. For the referral campaign, USPS will send a mailpiece to current Informed Delivery users with the request that they send the provided tear-off cards to friends and family who may be interested in the service. As part of the user acquisition strategy, the Postal Service will be collecting personal information from internal and external sources, as identified below.

USPS is using customer information to link physical mail with digital content in order to provide consumers with a convenient, innovative, and relevant way to access their mailpieces. Specifically, customer information will be used to support the Informed Delivery notification service, providing users with a daily email notification containing images of their letter-sized mailpieces that will be arriving in their mailbox soon. Additionally, this information will help USPS maintain up-to-date user records and prevent fraudulent transactions, resulting in an improved customer experience. USPS will also collect data analytics from mail campaigns sent through Informed Delivery  in order to determine the outcomes of each campaign and help guide business decisions.

PO Box users are not currently targeted as participants in the current pilot. PO Box customers in certain Post Offices nationwide can use existing Real Mail Notification service to receive a text-only message without images, via email, or SMS message. Check with your local Post Office for more details.

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