FedEx® Surcharge on Large Packages

Five Fedex LogosBeginning June 1, FedEx® will be lowering the size threshold for handling surcharges. You can expect an extra charge on packages 48 inches or more long, instead of the current threshold of 60 inches.

This doesn’t affect DIM weight, per se, but for those that regard size in their shipping costs; this is an important figure to consider, especially if you often ship large packages.

According to the FedEx® Shipping Fee Information guide, this will add a $10.50 surcharge to those packages longer than 48 inches.

FedEx® Executive Vice President Mike Glenn told analysts, according to a transcript from Seeking Alpha, “We are seeing a significant increase in non-traditional items now being purchased online, mattresses to new swing sets and big-screen TVs just to name a few. We welcome this opportunity but it is important that we price these items accordingly to account for the operational complexities, such as manual sortation to person delivery, et cetera.”

Original Article: April 11, 2016 | Katie Conigliaro

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